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PRO AIR : Air Knife Solution
Introduction of Air Knife Solution
 [Introduction of Pro Air]
 Pro Air is an Air Knife solution built with the mottos of “Powerful, Precise, and Perfect” on Know How accumulated   through long-term knowledge and experience.

[Advantages of Pro Air]

 1) Various materials
  Pro Air uses a variety of materials to manufacture and supply air knives that fit the customer's work environment, and      materials other than those currently supplied can also be manufactured and supplied through a separate consultation.
   ● General industry: Aluminum
   ● Food and beverage industry stainless steel
   ● Corrosion-resistant environment titanium
   ● High temperature environment: INCONEL 1000℃, STS310 800℃
   ● Large amount of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, etc.: HASTELLOY

 2) Various configurations
  Pro Air provides a variety of solutions for air-connecting piping directions, connection methods, air discharge methods,    and fixing methods for air knives in order to respond to various customer needs when manufacturing air knives. We          can also provide a solution that suits customer’s needs.
   ● Air piping direction: Side, Top, Front
   ● Air piping method: Tap, Pipe, Fitting
   ● Air exhaust method: Air Knife, Air Nozzle
   ● Fixing method: Pipe, Insert, Bracket

 3) Functional Advantages
  The distinguishing feature of Pro Air from other air knives is that in the case of Pro Air, the spacing of the air outlet slit      can be adjusted.
   ● Slit spacing for compressed air (CDA, N²): 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.1mm, customer requirements
   ● Slit spacing for blower: 0.4~5mm, customer requirements
  Also, in the case of air knives for compressed air, turbulence occurs inside as air rapidly flows into the knife. In order to
  evenly distribute and stabilize the generated turbulence, the length of the screw inside and the clearance compared to
  other companies was lengthened so that air can be evenly supplied through the entire slit of the knife.

  In addition, if the air knife blade cannot be used due to an unexpected situation on the surface on which the product is    moved, other companies have to replace the entire air knife, whereas Pro Air only replaces the blade. From the
  customer's point of view, maintenance costs can be dramatically reduced.

  Specifications of air knife for compressed air

 The difference between the standard type and the precision type of air knives for compressed air
 Air consumption calculation table

 Features of Air Knife for Compressed Air
  1) The use of compressed air can be minimized with the COANDA effect.
  2) Low noise (69dB) enables a pleasant working environment.
  3) Lightweight, easy to move and compact design.
  4) Compressed air consumption can be significantly reduced compared to conventional air nozzles or hybrid nozzles
     (flippers) (saving electricity).
  5) Compressed air from the compressor can be connected with a fitting, so piping work is easy.
  6) Customized bracket production is possible.

 Specifications of air knife for blower

 Features of Air Knife for Blower
   ● Various air volume and wind speed applied according to blower capacity
   ● Made of aluminum (anodizing) or stainless steel
   ● Adjustable spray angle and slit spacing
   ● Wind speed deviation within 3%
   ● Possible to manufacture mounting brackets according to customer specifications

 Applications of Air Knife for Blower
   ● Removing water after cleaning
   ● Uniform surface drying
   ● Removal of semiconductor line particles (suction, discharge)
   ● Steam sterilization
   ● Remove water before attaching labels on cans and bottles
   ● Air curtain for blocking foreign matter    

  The table below shows the required wind speed and slit spacing for each application

 Major Customers
  1) Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung SDI
  2) LG Display, LG Innotek
  3) SK Hynix
  4) Hanwha Advanced Materials
  5) Hyundai Wia, Hyundai Steel
  6) Hite Jinro, Virac Co., Ltd., POSCO, Hyosung, etc. 
Video clip
Water removal from Fish cake
Water removal from Metal products
Foreign matter cleaning
Water removal from Steel bar
Steel plate drying
Metal product drying
Aluminum sheet drying
Fish bar drying
Applicable areas
Auto parts Drying Food pauch Drying Mold products Drying Particles Removing Textile Drying
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