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Air Shovel
Introduction of Air Shovel
[Use of air shovel]
The air shovel is a portable equipment that supports the work so that the operator can work easily, freely and swiftly while minimizing physical labor in conditions where heavy equipment cannot be used, such as at the foot of a mountain, valley, slope, or narrow place. no see.

[Operating principle of air shovel]
The air shovel connects compressed air to the equipment and then pulls the handle on the top of the equipment to let the compressed air flow into the equipment. Transmits force to attachments such as shovels.
Attachments such as shovels perform various operations such as digging, cutting, stabbing and peeling by changing the type of attachment according to the work situation, and then return to the initial position using the repulsive force generated between operations. If the attachment is returned to its initial position and compressed air is supplied again by pulling the handle again, attachments such as shovels will work again.
In other words, if you keep pulling the handle of the equipment while the compressed air is connected to the equipment, the air shovel is designed to repeat linear reciprocating motion indefinitely, and the operation stops when the handle is released.

[Recommended work place]
A work place where you can maximize the benefits of the air shovel.
  ● A place where it is difficult for heavy equipment to enter due to narrow access roads or soft ground
  ● Where the soil is hard and a shovel cannot enter
  ● Where strong power and delicate hand work are required at the same time
  ● Other places where hard labor is required

[work detail]
  ● Excavation of seedlings / maintenance of street tree roots / removal of dead trees
  ● Demolition of building interior and exterior walls / Building floor work (tile, reinforced flooring, carpet, etc.)
  ● Other places where hard labor is required


Video clip
Gwangju : Fruit tree excavation work
Icheon : Seedling excavation work
Jeungpyeong : Land pine excavation work
Wanju : Fruit tree excavation work
Gochang : Arborvitae excavation work
Jinju : Thorn excavation work
Okcheon : pink peach blossoms excavation work
Suncheon : Black bamboo excavation work
Kyungju: Air shovel Performance test
Gunwie : Seedling excavatoin work
Jecheon : Miscellaneous tree removal work
Daejun : Dead tree removal work
Ochang : Sidewalk cleanup work
Mapo Landscape team : Air shovel performance test
Mapo Landscape tema : Air shovel inspection
Hwaseong : Tile removal work
Gwangyang : Building interior tile removal work
West hanam : Wall removal work