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E-mail collection refusal
Rejection of unauthorized e-mail collection

This site rejects unauthorized collection of e-mail addresses.
We reject unauthorized collection of e-mail addresses posted on this site, and keep in mind that violations will result in criminal penalties under the Information and Communications Network Act.

Article 50-2 of the Information and Communications Network Act (Prohibition of unauthorized collection of e-mail addresses, etc.)

① No one shall collect e-mail addresses by using programs or other technical devices that automatically collect e-mail addresses from the Internet homepage where the intention to refuse the collection of e-mail addresses is specified.
② No one shall sell or distribute e-mail addresses collected in violation of the provisions of Paragraph 1.
③ No one shall know that it is an e-mail address whose collection, sale, and distribution is prohibited in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 and use it for information transmission.
※ If you have been damaged by unauthorized collection of e-mail addresses using the above technical devices
Please report to the illegal spam response center through the dedicated phone line (1336) or the report window of the website (www.spamcop.or.kr).