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Terms of Service
Terms of Service of INPROS

Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of these terms and conditions is to stipulate the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the company and users in using the Internet service (hereinafter referred to as the “service”) provided by all services of Inpros (hereinafter referred to as the “company”)

Article 2 (Effect of Terms and Conditions and Changes)
① These terms and conditions become effective by notifying them through the service.
② The company may change the contents of these terms and conditions without prior notice in the event of an important circumstance, and the changed terms and conditions will be notified through the website.
③ Members may request withdrawal from membership if they do not agree to the changed terms and conditions. If you do not request cancellation within 30 days after the effective date of the changed terms and conditions, you will be deemed to have agreed to the changes to the terms and conditions.

Article 3 (Rules other than the terms and conditions)
Matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions are subject to the Telecommunications Framework Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Information and Communications Network Utilization Promotion Act, and other related laws.

Article 4 (Definition of Terms)
Definitions of key terms used in these Terms and Conditions are as follows.
1. Company: Inpros
2. Member: A person who has signed a service use contract with the company and is given a user ID.
3. ID: Refers to letters or numbers or combinations thereof selected by the member and approved by the company for member identification and member service use (hereinafter referred to as "ID").
4. Password: A combination of letters and numbers set by the member to confirm that the member is a member that matches the ID given to the member and to protect the member's own confidentiality.
5. Suspension of use: The company restricts the member's use of the service in accordance with the terms and conditions.
6. Cancellation: The company or member cancels the contract of use after using the service.

Chapter 2 Service Use Agreement

Article 5 (Establishment of Use Agreement)
① If you read these terms and click the “I agree” button when applying for service subscription, you are deemed to agree to these terms and conditions.
② The contract of use is established when the company accepts the application for use after the person who wishes to use the service agrees to the terms of use.

Article 6 (Application for Use)
A person who wants to use the service by signing up as a member applies for use by providing requested personal information according to the prescribed form set by the company.

Article 7 (Approval of application for use)
① The company accepts the application for use in the order it is received, unless there are special circumstances regarding the application for use under Article 6.
② The company may not accept the application for the use contract if it recognizes any of the following items.
1. If you do not apply under your real name
2. In case of application using someone else's name
3. In the case of applying for use with false information in the application for use
4. In case the application is made for the purpose of undermining social well-being and order or good morals
5. In case the application requirements set by the company are insufficient
③ In the event of withholding or not accepting the application for use pursuant to Paragraph 2 or Paragraph 3, the Company shall notify the applicant of this. However, exceptions are made when the company cannot notify the applicant without a reason attributable to the company.

Article 8 (Protection of Personal Information)
① The company protects and respects members' personal information.
② The company collects information about members through information provided by members when applying for use, information provided by members for community activities, participation in various events, and other information collected in the course of using the service. It is used for the purpose of fulfilling this contract of use and providing services under this contract of use.
③ The company cannot disclose or distribute the personal information of members acquired in connection with the provision of the service to a third party without the consent of the person and cannot use it for commercial purposes. However, this is not the case in any of the following cases.
1. In case it is necessary for the settlement of charges for the provision of information and communications services;
2. When it is necessary for statistical preparation, academic research, or market research, and when a specific individual is processed and provided in an unrecognizable form
3. When there is a request from the relevant agency in accordance with the procedures and methods determined for the purpose of investigation under the relevant laws and regulations
4. If there are special provisions in other laws
5. When requested by the Information and Communication Ethics Committee according to related laws
① Within the scope of Paragraph 3, the company may prepare and use aggregate statistical data on personal information of all or part of members in relation to business, and may transmit cookies to the member's computer through the service. In this case, the member may refuse to receive cookies or change the browser settings of the computer used to warn about the reception of cookies.
② For more details related to personal information protection, please refer to the personal information protection guidelines at the bottom of the main screen of this website.

Article 9 (Use of Personal Information)
① Personal information collected by the company should be kept to the minimum required to provide the service, but more detailed information may be requested if necessary.
② If the company entrusts the provision of a specific service to an external company (hereinafter referred to as the consigned company), the personal information of the member necessary for the provision of the service may be provided to the consigned company with the consent of the member, and the fact of consignment of the service shall be specified. The consigned company does not use or provide to a third party for purposes other than the entrusted purpose in the collection, handling, and management of the personal information of the provided member.
③ Members can withdraw their consent to the collection and use of personal information provided to the company at any time if they wish, and withdrawal of consent consists of applying for termination.

Article 10 (Change of Contract Matters)
① Members can view and modify their personal information at any time through personal information change.
② Members must revise online if any information entered at the time of application for use is changed, and members are responsible for problems arising from not changing member information.
③ If the member wishes, the consent to use may be withdrawn. Withdrawal of consent to use is made by applying for termination.

Article 11 (Obligations of the company)
① The company allows members to use the service on the day they apply for the service, unless there are special circumstances.
② The company continuously strives to provide continuous and stable service as stipulated in these terms and conditions, and in the event of a failure or loss of equipment, it must repair and restore it without delay. However, in case of natural disaster, emergency or other unavoidable circumstances, the service may be temporarily suspended or suspended.
③ The company observes the contents set forth in Article 8 in relation to the protection of members' privacy.
④ The company strives to provide convenience to users in terms of procedures and contents related to contracts with users, such as conclusion of the contract of use, changes and termination of contract details, etc.

Article 12 (Responsibilities of Members)
① Members shall comply with the matters stipulated in these Terms and Conditions and the matters announced by the Company through the use guide or notices, and shall not engage in any other acts that interfere with the business of the Company.
② Members are responsible for all management of their ID and password. Members are responsible for all consequences arising from negligence in managing the ID and password assigned to the member or illegal use.
③ When a member discovers that his/her ID or password has been used illegally, he/she shall immediately report it to the company, and the member shall be responsible for all consequences resulting from failure to report.
④ Members cannot transfer or donate the right to use the service or other status in the contract of use to others without the express consent of the company, and cannot provide this as collateral.
⑤ Members cannot engage in business activities using the service without prior approval from the company, and the company is not responsible for the results of those sales activities and the results of the members' business activities in violation of the terms and conditions. If the member suffers damage to the company due to such business activities, the member is liable for damages to the company.
⑥ Members shall not engage in any of the following acts in connection with the use of the service.
1. Stealing another member's ID, password, resident registration number, etc.
2. Acts of duplicating information obtained through this service for purposes other than the use of members without prior consent of the company, using it for publication and broadcasting, or providing it to a third party
3. Posting, e-mail, or other means of distributing content that infringes on another person's patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual property rights;
4. Transmitting, posting, or distributing information, sentences, figures, etc. of vulgar or obscene content that violates public order and morals to others by e-mail or other means;
5. Transmitting, posting, e-mailing or disseminating any offensive or threatening content that may infringe the privacy of others
6. Acts that are objectively judged to be related to crime
7. Collecting or storing other users' personal information without the company's approval
8. Acts that violate other related laws

Article 13 (Scope of Service Use)
Members can use all in-progress sites with the ID issued when registering through the company.

Article 14 (Provision of Information)
The company may provide members with various information deemed necessary while using the service through notices or e-mail.

Article 15 (Posts by Members)
① The company may delete the contents of the service posted or registered by the member without prior notice if it is determined that it falls under any of the following subparagraphs.
1. In the case of content that slanders other members or third parties or damages the reputation of others by slander
2. In case of content that violates public order and morals
3. If the content is recognized as being related to a criminal act
4. If the content infringes on the company's copyright, the copyright of a third party, etc.
5. In case of exceeding the posting period or capacity specified by the company
6. When a member posts pornography on his/her website or bulletin board or links to an obscene site
7. In the case of a post that does not conform to the nature of the bulletin board
8. In case it is judged to be in violation of other related laws

Article 16 (Copyright of Posts)
① Rights to materials posted on the service are as follows.
1. The right and responsibility for the posting rests with the publisher, and the company cannot use it for commercial purposes other than posting in the service without the publisher's consent. However, this is not the case in non-commercial cases, and the company has the right to publish within the service.
2. Members may not commercially use the materials posted on the service, such as processing or selling information obtained using the service.

Article 17 (Advertising and Transactions with Advertisers)
① A part of the service investment base on which the company can provide services to members comes from revenues from advertisements. Those who wish to use the service are deemed to agree to the advertisement displayed when using the service.
② The company is not responsible for any loss or damage that occurs as a result of a member's participation in, or communication or transaction with, advertisers posted on this service or through this service.

Article 18 (Service Use Hours)
① In principle, the use of the service is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless there is a special obstacle in business or technology of the company. However, this does not apply to the day or time set by the company due to the need for regular inspections, etc.
② The company may divide the service into a certain range and set the available time for each range separately. In this case, we will notify you through notice in advance.

Article 19 (Responsibility for Service Use)
Members cannot engage in sales activities to sell products using the service except when specifically permitted by the company in an express written signed by an authorized employee, and in particular, commercial activities through hacking, money-making advertisements, obscene sites, etc, illegal distribution of commercial S/W is prohibited. The company is not responsible for the results and losses of business activities caused by violating this rule, and for legal actions such as arrest by the relevant authorities.

Article 20 (Suspension of Service Provision, etc.)
① The company may suspend the provision of services in any of the following cases.
1. In unavoidable cases due to construction, such as repair of service facilities
2. When the key telecommunications business operator stipulated in the Telecommunications Business Act suspends the telecommunications service
3. In case of other force majeure reasons
② The company may limit or suspend all or part of the service when there is a problem with normal service use due to a national emergency, power outage, service facility failure, or excessive use of the service.
③ When the company restricts or suspends the use of the service pursuant to the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2, the company must notify the member without delay of the reason and period of restriction.

Article 21 (Termination of contract and restrictions on use)
① In the event that a member wishes to terminate the contract of use, the member himself/herself must apply to the company to withdraw from membership via e-mail.
② The company may terminate the use contract or suspend the use of the service without prior notice if the member commits any of the following acts.
1. In case of stealing another person's personal information, ID and password
2. If the registered name is not your real name
3. In the event of an act that damages the honor of or disadvantages others
4. In case of infringing the intellectual property rights of the company, other members or third parties
5. In the case of intentionally distributing content that violates public order and morals
6. When a member plans or executes the use of the service for the purpose of hindering the national interest or social public interest
7. In case of intentionally obstructing the operation of the service
8. When a large amount of information is transmitted or advertisement information is transmitted for the purpose of interfering with the stable operation of the service
9. In case of distributing computer virus programs that cause malfunction of information and communication facilities or destruction of information
10. When there is a request for correction from an external organization such as the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, or when it has been interpreted by the Election Commission in relation to an illegal election campaign
11. When information obtained by using the company's services is reproduced or distributed or used commercially without the company's prior consent
12. When a member posts pornography on his/her website and bulletin board or links to obscene sites
13. If there is no service use record (login record) within the last 3 months
14. In case of sending the e-mail prescribed in Article 18 (3)
15. In case of violation of the terms of use set by other companies, including these terms and conditions

Article 22 (Compensation for Damages)
①	 The company is not responsible for any damages incurred by members in connection with the use of services that are free of charge.

Article 23 (Disclaimer)
① The company is exempted from liability for service provision if it is unable to provide the service due to a natural disaster or force majeure equivalent thereto.
② The company is not responsible for any obstacles in using the service due to reasons attributable to the member.
③ The company is not responsible for the loss of the revenue expected by the member using the service or for any damage caused by the data obtained through the service.
④ The company is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of information, data, facts, etc. posted by members on the service.
⑤ The company shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to the subscriber in relation to the use of the service due to the intentional or negligence of the subscriber.

Article 24 (Competent Court)
If a lawsuit is filed against a dispute arising from the use of the service, the court having jurisdiction over the location of the company's headquarters shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court.

(Effective Date) These terms and conditions are effective from February 10, 2017.